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(Approximately One Hour)

  • Joy in The Workplace—Put Latitude in Your Attitude! There is scientific evidence to prove that laughter is the best medicine. Adding a dash of humor to your life is just as important as adding Bran to your diet. W-O-R-K doesn’t have to be a four-letter word! Your job can be F-U-N. Reinvent yourself by using humor to maximize your professional relationships to get the most out of yourself and those around you. Learn how successful companies such as Southwest Airlines to small mom & pop stores invest in making sure that their employees are happy so their customers will be. (This program has mass appeal to just about every industry and relates to companies and organizations both large and small).
  • Customer Service for Smarties (not dummies)! If outstanding customer service is so easy to deliver (some companies deliver it in 30-minutes or less or it’s free) then why is it so hard to get people to do it? How do you give the customer what they want and still keep your sanity? Should you treat customer Gen-Xers and Gen-EX-Laxers the same? What are the top ten customer turn-ons and turn-offs? Be prepared for several a-ha! moments. (This program appeals to those who sell, service and take care of everything from a patient’s body to a customer’s car).
  • Zero to Conversation in 30 Seconds! Everyday we are given unlimited opportunities to tell people about what makes us special. Yet many hold back. Schmooze or you lose. Networking and laying a foundation to do business don’t always have to take place in a so-called networking environment. Learn to become more aware and be prepared when the possibilities to converse present themselves. You’ll gain a whole new spin on the question: "What do you do?" (This program is suggested for anyone in business that’s responsible for boosting the bottom line).
  • What's Your PIM Number? And why should you be giving it out to everyone. PIM is: Perception, Image and Marketing. What kind of impression do you create for prospective clients before they meet you? Are you doing everything within your power to create a unique image? How do you remain "top of mind" in your client's Palm Pilot? Learn how to create a memorable impression that carries on long after the client has signed the “investment agreement.” (This program appeals to entrepreneurs, sales people and those working for companies who believe in giving their people creative latitude toward boosting the bottom line).

What makes Allie qualified to speak to your group?

  • Walked the walk: Over 25 years of experience working in both the business world and in membership promotion and development for several national trade associations.
  • Created: A deli restaurant from scratch. Responsible for all day-to-day operations from corning corned beef to crafting customer service procedures.
  • Holds: B.A. in Business Administration
  • Member: National Speakers Association
  • Winner: NSA-DC Showcase Award for Outstanding Platform Skills
  • Member: Association for Applied & Therapeutic Humor (AATH)
  • Graduated: Magna Cum Lousy from Judy Carter’s Comedy Boot Camp
  • Partner: The Guts, Grace & Gusto Group, LLC. Should you need more than one speaker, and/or a longer program, Allie's got partners.
  • Survivor: Survived a brain tumor diagnosis, brain surgery, single-sided deafness, and simultaneous care giving for her mother and mother-in-law, owning a restaurant and stand-up comedy club audiences. (The last one was the worst!)

The Value and Benefits Your Audience Will Receive:

  • Opens up the audience to the possibilities, to new ideas and attitudes that allow creativity, humor, laughter and fun to flourish
  • Improves energy and resilience to stress which helps to decrease absenteeism, job burnout and employee turnover
  • Gives more meaning to work by incorporating the mission, goals and values of the organization into the message
  • Enhances retention through increased recognition
  • Improves personal/professional performance and encourages new levels of commitment and cooperation
  • Promotes teamwork and trust which leads to creating more enthusiasm, more motivation and a higher morale
  • Improves customer care, customer satisfaction and delivery of products and services
  • Shows your audience/associates/staff that you care enough about them to give them the very best information and ideas toward creating a more balanced work/life style
  • People laugh and learn simultaneously

“I attended Allie's seminar and it was fantastic. I found myself riveted to my seat waiting for more information. She is a skilled conference presenter and finds key ways to involve her audience in the presentation. I learned so much that I have used in my daily business activities and have passed on her "words of wisdom" to others. Great Seminar, keep up the good work.”
Terrie J. Rollins
President and CEO RMR Technology Group


“Your presentation on Perception, Image and Marketing was professional and entertaining. Your key points were right on target. I learned something AND had a good laugh. I would highly recommend you!" Christine Coker
President CokerSoft


“No one can be around Allie Bowling without making an improvement to their self-development. Her gift is to make people better.”
Lorraine Gaines
AMICA Mutual Insurance Company


"You were the hit of the human resources conference! Thank you for incorporating examples from our publications into your presentation Joy in the Workplace. You brought the perfect blend of wisdom and wit to the closing session and sent everyone home on a high. No conference planner could ask for more."
Mary F. Boyles
Training Specialist
National Telephone Cooperative Association


“Our employees loved Allie!! She provides the humorous side to those stressful situations that take place everyday in the business world. We look forward to having her return!!” Sonja C. Parlett
Supervisor, Employee
Benefits Navy Federal Credit Union

Fun Fact
You can lose weight by laughing. When we laugh our hearts beat faster, our lungs expand, we take in more oxygen and our face, arms, legs and stomach muscles are stimulated—just like in aerobic exercise. In fact three to four good guffaws a day where you really get your heart and lungs working is equivalent to 15 minutes on a stationary bike.






























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