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Allie has always made people laugh. Her professional stand-up comedy career was born in 1992 and gained momentum by performing at clubs such as The Improv, Headliner's, Comedy Café, The Laff Stop and the famous Shoreham Marquee Lounge. Audiences enjoyed the experience of listening to her observations on the absurdities of life.

Her style of comedy then and now has always remained the same. It’s geared toward business and professional audiences—those who seek smart, clean, upbeat and genuinely funny material.

Strike While the Comedy is Hot!
(30-minutes after dinner only)
She’ll entertain you with her take on troubles in The White House to troubles in her own house—and after 25+ years of marriage she knows what she’s talking about! Allie is both a golf and football widow. She moves from subjects the likes of NFL stars to compact cars, from Joe Cocker to Betty Crocker. Hear why "Men are from Best Buy & Women are from QVC!"

Every Woman Needs HRT
—Humor Replacement Therapy!
(30-minutes after breakfast, after lunch, after dinner or in between meal snacks)
Ideal for Ladies/Spouse Entertainment. If laughter is what you’re after than this will fill the bill. Upbeat, smart, clean (mildly irreverent). Some women have been known to pee in their pants from laughter. Poise Pads are recommended.

"Allie, I love your wit and humor. Your ability to entertain and bring laughter to others is great gift and when I am around you it’s like drinking a few glasses of wine!"

Sheila Savar
Savar & Associates

"I laughed so much, I had a Laughgasm."
Melanie Jones, Yoga Instructor & Creator of You Don’t Have to be Teeny to be a Yogini

"You have definite crowd appeal, resulting in our largest crowd ever in Washington, DC. If you come back, we’ll have to find a bigger room! And your professionalism displayed in being ‘last minute’ flexible to our changed schedule and room layout was nothing less than fantastic!"
Susan Wight
eWomen Network

Fun Fact
Laughter doesn’t cause laugh lines. (If it did, Allie would look 150 years old!) Laugh lines is an expression that was created to explain the small lines that begin to appear around the eyes (mostly as we age). Smiling and laughing actually bring muscle tone to the face. So yuk it up. It’s more fun and less painful than Botox.

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