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Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow
A keynote with a surprising twist of fate

Allie Bowling is a professional speaker who listens. She’s a skillful communicator and a captivating storyteller. She’s got an obvious knack for being funny, which also transcends into serious issues of life. She draws her stories from a wide range of experiences; some commonplace and others are one in a million. Allie is able to lay a foundation of ideas in her presentations similar to how a painter uses a pallet of paint to lay a foundation of color. She is skilled at taking people through great depth in a story. Years of experience have deepened her laugh lines and softened her punch lines.

In 2003 Allie faced a frightening health reality—profound hearing loss in her right ear. After tests, her neurologist handed her a diagnosis that sent shock waves and fear through her; she had a brain tumor. She needed to undergo brain surgery. Without it, Allie was at risk of losing her hearing, facial paralysis, balance issues and other frightening consequences. She located the finest neuro-surgical team in the world for her specific type of brain tumor and flew a cross the country. Even by going to these great lengths, her hearing could not be saved. When she received this blow, Allie knew her life would never be the same.

She lost her hearing,
not her ability to listen.

The challenges that she faced to reinvent her career, the life-style changes she had to make, and the strategies she devised for securing the best possible outcomes are articulated in her keynote Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow. Her story helps people connect through similar, difficult, decision making situations and life changing events. It helps them explore their own “invisible disabilities” freeing them up to move in the direction of a happier, healthier and more productive life.

She shares her secrets of
how to listen when one can’t hear.

Your audience will come away with a need to listen to their gut, be flexible, have options, and create a strong personal and professional support system. Allie weaves her rich humor throughout and shows that there is still plenty to laugh about.


"Allie took a commonplace experience, that of transitioning her mother to an assisted living facility and colored it with rich emotions. Her story showed the audience that they are not alone in this journey. It brought people together."
Steve Gurney
The Guide to Retirement Living

"...Your seminar-style presentation of humor was an excellent way of helping the participants gain a greater awareness and appreciation of the positive effects of humor, both in the workplace on a personal level. Everyone came away from the session inspired by your passion, lively personality and tasteful manner in which you presented your material."

Evelin Saxinger
Work/Life Program Manager




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