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Primary caregiving for a loved one—a family member—can make you feel like life has thrown you a curveball, put you in a state of the unknown—what now?—and leave you with a feeling of defeat.  And, at times caregiving can be very rewarding.
Benefit from her experience. Allie knows a thing or two, or three or four about caregiving. After practically a lifetime of primary caregiving for four family members, she knows what she’s talking about. She’s rolled up her shirt sleeves, been in the trenches, and can honestly admit “been there, done that.” While she says with a smile “this ain’t my first rodeo”, her entertaining delivery of personal events, on-the-spot decision making and forward thinking will inspire and help you to do the same. Audience members will leave equipped with knowledge and tools that build confidence to show they are not alone in this journey.


Dancing through Life with Guts, Grace & Gusto
– Dancing through Life with Guts, Grace & Gusto is a collection of inspiring women’s stories on work, on life, on purpose—their rediscoveries and reawakenings for living life in tune with their hearts and sustaining themselves through transitions. Finding wisdom, improving health, wealth and well-being. And more!    

Meet Business Woman Allie Bowling

Before completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Allie created a deli from scratch in Suburban Maryland. Here she mastered the art of corned beef and communication. Running a seven day-a-week business, training and managing staff and listening to customer’s running commentary helped lay the foundation for her observations on life.

After the deli was sold, she completed her degree from National-Louis University, and while working in association management, she spent her off hours studying stand-up comedy. Having a keen interest in comedy dating all the way back to watching The Ed Sullivan Show, her confidence and excitement soared as she wrote her own material.

Allie started performing at “open mic nights” in local comedy clubs. She progressed to opening for national comics, and then moved on to entertaining professional organizations, trade associations and businesses. Her style of comedy then and now has remained the same. It’s geared to those who seek genuine, smart, clean and upbeat humor. As she grew her comedy career, she rose in the ranks of non-profit and association management. She worked in recruitment, training, marketing, writing, and convention planning for such organizations as The Women’s Center of Northern Virginia, League of Women Voters of the U.S., and the National Association of the Remodeling Industry.

Allie began her speaking career while still employed. She branched off on her own gaining more experience through membership in the National Speakers Association. The Washington DC Chapter awarded her the NSA-DC Showcase Award for Outstanding Platform Skills. She has written for numerous publications and has authored a book.

Allie’s speaking career took off when she developed several programs on humor and its positive affects on health and attitude and specifically how these overlap in one’s personal and professional life. Today, she speaks on one of the most important issues affecting our generation and beyond—Caregiving.

Meet Caregiver Allie Bowling

There are any number of reasons for becoming a caregiver. Most people are “suddenly” thrust into caregiving with absolutely no idea what to do when life changes for a loved one. To date, Allie’s served as a primary caregiver to four close family members and based on her experiences and statistics this probably won’t be the last time.

While there have been similarities in her situations, ONE SIZE DOESN’T FIT ALL.  (She adds that’s why Baskin Robbins offers 31 Flavors.) There will always be differences and new information to be gained. However, one factor remains constant: YOU CAN’T DO THIS ALONE. You as a caregiver will sooner or later be swept downstream until you are sent over the edge.

Statistics show most people get overwhelmed and are not able to handle their own life. They might become resentful, lose the support of those around them who genuinely want to help but instead are pushed away. Some people worry that resources they need might be too costly when in reality, if they knew the facts might be available on a sliding scale fee or even free. And the worst of all possible scenarios (as if the above mentioned were not bad enough) is that they could end up getting sick and/or needing more care than the person they are caring for. DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!

Beginning as a teenager, Allie took care of her father, later her mother and mother-in-law simultaneously, and currently her oldest brother who has Parkinson’s and resides in assisted living on the east coast. While it hasn’t been easy, she has learned with each experience how to make it easier, primarily by not going it alone, using professional and volunteer resources and above all learning how to GET HER “ASK” IN GEAR. No one can read your mind. However; as you learn how to ask for help you’ll get it!

Allie shares the twists, turns and transitions of her caregiving experiences. She does this with genuine, relatable stories, a passion for learning, handling situations with a sense of humor and accepting what she can and can’t change. What sets her apart from other speakers? (Besides looking like Barbra Streisand.) She will share with you her successes, (and a few failures too) and if you can forget guilt and perfection—how you can survive and even thrive as a caregiver.

Why Allie?

Allie has a confident, professional and likeable style. She gets the audience relaxed, responsive and receptive to new ideas.

When Allie speaks, people listen. They laugh, learn and begin thinking about how to apply her proven approach toward making improvements to their personal situation.

At the time she was simultaneously caregiving for her mother and mother-in-law she underwent brain surgery and awoke half deaf. Today, she is a long-distance caregiver to her oldest bother who resides in an assisted living in Maryland. He has advanced Parkinson’s.

While some say she’s a strategic thinker, planner and decision maker. She prefers to say that she’s “a born fixer.”  Just a plain old celebrity look-a-like with good common sense along with a lot of East Coast street smarts. Of course she’s done her homework. Bottom Line she’s just like you when faced with overwhelming responsibilities. She looks for easier and more helpful ways to accomplish her goals.

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